[Concert] Ami Suzuki Special Live 2018 in Hanshin Racecourse

Concert Setlist
1. Delightful
2. MC
3. love the island
4. alone in my room
5. white key
7. MC
8. BE TOGETHER (Yasutaka Nakata Remix)

Watch live: https://youtu.be/yUPrcosa4HI


[Release] Ami to release first recipe book

「Ami's Recipe Book: Kawaii Ninpu no Anzan Recipe Cho」
Price: 1,400yen
Release date: 2017.5.18

The book aims to be a guide for pregnant women
who look up to deliver healthy food for their babies


[Release] New Song on September!

2016.09.07 release

「恋のオフェリア 」

Ami has recorded a new song titled "Koi no Ophelia", 
which translates to "Ophelia of Love".

The song will be included as part of the brand-new tribute album
"The Peanuts Tribute Songs" to be released this month.

Don't miss it!


[Report] "FEVER a-nation by SANKYO" Concert


1.love the island (1998)
2.alone in my room (1998)
3.white key (1998)
4.BE TOGETHER (1999)
5.Delightful (2005)

When BE TOGETHER music started playing Ami screamed to a noisy audience "This baby want to hear all of your voices!!".

Fragments of the concert were aired during TV morning shows where Ami really stole the spotlight with her BE TOGETHER performance joined by 4 backdancers.


[News] SANKYO presents "FEVER a-nation" live

SANKYO in collaboration with avex live creative will present「FEVER a-nation」concert

It will be a special "tie-up live" as part of this year a-nation island festival.

a-nation island is a prequel consisted of medium sized venue-concerts held by
various artists before the marvelous a-nation stadium fes. begins.

Artists featured in the game "FEVER a-nation" will be performing on August 2nd, 2016.

SLOT: OPEN 16:00 / START 17:00

Featured artists include ayumi hamasaki, hitomi, D·A·I,
Koda Kumi, Ami Suzuki, TRF, AAA and U-KISS.


[News] Ami announces pregnancy!

Today on July 7th, 2016 Ami wrote a handwritten letter which she sent to the media trough fax.

She is pregnant and expecting to give birth to a child during January, 2017.

She is also getting married soon to the father of her child!!

We all congratulate Ami
on this special day!!

BEST WISHES☆ the staff



[Report] Ami on TV Tokyo Ongakusai 2016

Ami was introduced to the show along with Tomomi Kahara during the segment "Komuro Family Song". The MC talked about how the family was born within the studios of TV Tokyo during the TV show "ASAYAN".

Later Ami mentioned her favorite TK family song was "FACE" (globe). She added "It was a must listen to during bunkansai cultural festivals. It was always playing loud on the speakers and everybody sung along to it".

In addition to singing along to hit songs "Koishisa to Setsunasa to Kokoro Tsuyosa to" and "BE TOGETHER" they showed snippets of Ami's private life, including footage of school and riding the subway with TK himself.

Finally Ami performed "love the island" (Original TK version) to the view of an open crowd. She was wearing a cream one-piece, red coated nails, elegant jewelry and a natural light make-up.


[Report] Ami joins Koda Kumi & hitomi in press conference for new game

Ami Suzuki was teamed-up along with label-mate singers Koda Kumi & hitomi in order to promote Avex Trax newest Pachinko Machine "FEVER a-nation" by SANKYO.

Ami Suzuki commented: "It is so much fun to be part of a-nation! 
Though I feel a bit shy while watching my own performances across the liquid screen!"